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STOLEN CHANGE legacy lives on

Rockport Records recording artists STOLEN CHANGE spent several years rocking rocking out before adoring fans during their time as the explosive iconic rock band BOMBSHELL.

Led by singer and lead-guitarist Ryan Davie, the band changed its name to STOLEN CHANGE and recorded Open Pallet For Mayhem, a stellar full length album at renowned Grant Avenue Studios (Gordon Lightfoot, Crash Test Dummies, Peter Gabriel, U2, many more).

A sold-out record launch at a major concert hall followed, along with a string of concerts, further recording, radio and TV appearances and a growing array of ‘merch’ – including T-shirts in all sizes. While the band is undergoing personnel changes and currently not touring, Rockport Records is pleased to offer you their CD album and more – a great way to celebrate this iconic rock band – and at great prices – visit our store for more!

(Advertisement from Manor House Publishing Inc.):


Short Stories and True Adventures

Heather Rath


Stalker invites the reader to take a journey into two worlds: the dark and light sides of life. Frightening, suspenseful moments in award-winning short stories co-exist with true-life adventure vignettes: a blend of truth and fiction.

The stories explore the mind’s hidden fears and desires while the vignettes deliver a slice of reality, sometimes with unexpected conclusions. They are snapshots of experiences in different cultures through the eyes — and writings – of an insightful world traveller.

“Heather Rath has renewed my appreciation for short stories. Each tale in this entertaining and often titillating collection has its own unique voice with unforgettable characters. From dry-humoured wit to suspense, each story’s dilemmas, solved or not, are delivered in an unpredictable manner that delights me.”  – Phyllis L Humby, author, novels On The Rock – and Old Broad Road

“Heather Rath is fascinated with unexpected endings… Stalker features many of those…”  Julie Slack, Burlington Today

Available now at better bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon!

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(Advertisement from Manor House Publishing Inc.):

From the Darkness

Scary Short Stories

Jordan Grupe


“Jordan Grupe is one of the most unique voices of modern horror. His style’s fresh and his ideas differ from what one’s used to in horror. If you want to be scared, disturbed, but most of all surprised, give this collection a try. You won’t regret it!” – Rene Rehn, Author, The First Few Times Always Hurt

“Frightening, funny, and thoroughly twisted. Once again, Grupe’s collection checks all the boxes.” – Jesse Pullins Author, The Paper Mache Man

“I have featured his tales on my YouTube channel “Mr. Creeps” – the response has always been amazing!” – Mr. Creeps (683,000-subscribers on YouTube)

“His imagination is boundless… Horror has a new master, and its name is Jordan Grupe.  – Marcus Starr, Author, Nora’s Curse and Monsters in the Moonlight

Available now at online retailers and better bookstores everywhere!


(Advertisement from Manor House):

Monsters in the Moonlight

Creepy Short Stories

Marcus Starr

“A horror writer’s horror writer… Marcus Starr has a wonderful knack for telling twisted stories.  His style is uniquely his own, adding punches of humor that hit you right where it hurts…” – Jordan Grupe, author, From the Darkness

“From the critically acclaimed, award-winning author of Nora’s Curse comes Monsters in the Moonlight, an outstanding collection of superb horror stories – a truly gripping must-read…” – Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man

Monsters in the Moonlight is a remarkable collection of short horror stories by award-winning author Marcus Starr, whose prior novel, Nora’s Curse, firmly established him as a genre leader and helped him find a vast and ever-growing legion of readers, who love the author’s ability to build fear and suspense via twisted plotlines with touches of macabre humor. The critically acclaimed writer’s stories have also been widely praised online and featured on Reddit. He is a two-time winner – 2022 and 2023 – of the Odd & Cryptic Cup.

Available now at online retailers and better bookstores everywhere!


From the blog

Rebecca Rosenblat

September 8, 2017

Rebecca Rosenblat, psychotherapist, relationship-sexuality therapist, bestselling author and TV host, asks: Are you in charge of your life and living out your dreams; or are you giving into others’ rules and expectations? Order from ROCKPORT

Nevin Grant

From a childhood spent moving back and forth between two worlds – Canada and Germany – Deppe became an early outsider-observer, a persona that first crystalized on entering the Canadian school system unable to speak…

Carolyn Schreuer

“When I started this journey I had no idea what I was about to face. It is my hope, if you find yourself faced with some daunting battle, that you too, will find your own…

Anita Sechesky, international best-selling author, Certified Life Coach, Registered Nurse and sought-after consultant, wants to help you become Absolutely YOU! Anita will guide you to overcome the self-imposed limitations that have held you back in life. Order from ROCKPORT