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STOLEN CHANGE legacy lives on

Rockport Records recording artists STOLEN CHANGE spent several years rocking rocking out before adoring fans during their time as the explosive iconic rock band BOMBSHELL.

Led by singer and lead-guitarist Ryan Davie, the band changed its name to STOLEN CHANGE and recorded Open Pallet For Mayhem, a stellar full length album at renowned Grant Avenue Studios (Gordon Lightfoot, Crash Test Dummies, Peter Gabriel, U2, many more).

A sold-out record launch at a major concert hall followed, along with a string of concerts, further recording, radio and TV appearances and a growing array of ‘merch’ – including T-shirts in all sizes. While the band is undergoing personnel changes and currently not touring, Rockport Records is pleased to offer you their CD album and more – a great way to celebrate this iconic rock band – and at great prices – visit our store for more!

(Advertisement from Manor House Publishing Inc.):

No Sleep Tonight

Scary Short Stories

Jordan Grupe


“From Jordan Grupe, author of the gripping and terrifying novel Beneath the Asylum, comes the appropriately named No Sleep Tonight collection of scary short stories – the latest offering of terror for those yearning for a bout of wild-eyed insomnia.”

Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man

“Despite being a relatively new addition to the horror writing scene, Jordan Grupe has made a name for himself as an excellent storyteller.  His ability to build characters and terrify readers is consistently impressive as he continues to produce high quality horror content.  I have featured a few of his tales on my YouTube channel “Mr. Creeps” and the response has always been amazing!”   – Mr. Creeps (683,000-subscribers on YouTube)

“Jordan has a knack for making the mundane menacing (I’ll never look at garden gnomes the same way again).  His stories are immersive, dragging the reader in kicking and screaming, with just enough humor to help wash down the absolute dread you experience when visiting his wicked worlds.”                            – Travis Brown (Grand_Theft_Motto on Rededit No Sleep), author, House with One Hundred Doors

Available now at better bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon!

(Manor House Advertisement)

(Advertisement from Manor House Publishing Inc.):

Wounded Healer

Surviving Childhood Trauma

Lee Lyttle


“Wounded Healer chronicles author Lee Lyttle’s childhood sexual abuse by an older babysitter, how the author learned to cope and come to terms with this experience and how he came to help other victims and advance a greater understanding of the trauma and actions needed to overcome and prevent childhood sexual abuse.”

 Michael B. Davie, author, Great Advice

“Lee’s memoir is a testament to the power of vulnerability and candidness in recovery. Lee is embracing their story and giving you a glimpse into the process, which will hopefully empower your own healing. Not only does the book contain poetry in the literal sense, but the entire work is also a work of poetry in action and recovery as an art form.”

Dr. Jamie Marich, Founder, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, Author, Trauma and the 12 Steps: An Inclusive Guide to Healing and Recovery, and many other books on trauma recovery


(Advertisement from Manor House):

Past, Present, Future

Stories that Haunt

Dr. Ian Prattis

Ian Prattis’ new book, “PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE: Stories that Haunt” is a brilliant collection of stories, writings and essays in fiction and non-fiction. The book leads the reader through thought provoking perspectives about the treatment and respect Western society has thus far shown toward Mother Earth. Dr. Prattis presents the current state of our Earth through a lens that is alarming and sobering at moments. In his true fashion, he offers hope by educating the reader on how Indigenous wisdom that has been passed down for generations can provide a pathway that the human race can choose to embrace for a better future. This is an excellent read, very appropriate for our current times.

– Krystina McGuire-Eggins, Therapist

Available now at online retailers and better bookstores everywhere!


From the blog

Rebecca Rosenblat

September 8, 2017

Rebecca Rosenblat, psychotherapist, relationship-sexuality therapist, bestselling author and TV host, asks: Are you in charge of your life and living out your dreams; or are you giving into others’ rules and expectations? Order from ROCKPORT

Nevin Grant

From a childhood spent moving back and forth between two worlds – Canada and Germany – Deppe became an early outsider-observer, a persona that first crystalized on entering the Canadian school system unable to speak…

Carolyn Schreuer

“When I started this journey I had no idea what I was about to face. It is my hope, if you find yourself faced with some daunting battle, that you too, will find your own…

Anita Sechesky, international best-selling author, Certified Life Coach, Registered Nurse and sought-after consultant, wants to help you become Absolutely YOU! Anita will guide you to overcome the self-imposed limitations that have held you back in life. Order from ROCKPORT