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STOLEN CHANGE legacy lives on

Rockport Records recording artists STOLEN CHANGE spent several years rocking rocking out before adoring fans during their time as the explosive iconic rock band BOMBSHELL.

Led by singer and lead-guitarist Ryan Davie, the band changed its name to STOLEN CHANGE and recorded Open Pallet For Mayhem, a stellar full length album at renowned Grant Avenue Studios (Gordon Lightfoot, Crash Test Dummies, Peter Gabriel, U2, many more).

A sold-out record launch at a major concert hall followed, along with a string of concerts, further recording, radio and TV appearances and a growing array of ‘merch’ – including T-shirts in all sizes. While the band is undergoing personnel changes and currently not touring, Rockport Records is pleased to offer you their CD album and more – a great way to celebrate this iconic rock band – and at great prices – visit our store for more!

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Mastering Mindful Leadership

105 Ways to Become the Leader your Employees Need You to Be

Johnny Russo


Mastering Mindful Leadership will help you take your leadership expertise to a whole new level – leading to more motivated employees and increased business success and profitability. Author Johnny Russo is at the forefront of the new age of enlightened leaders, who propel empowered loyal employees to achieve ever greater degrees of value, truly becoming a key catalyst for a company’s success. Russo has managed countless teams during a career harnessing the concept of mindful leadership to the success of the people he’s been privileged to lead at an array of successful companies.

“Russo shares his considerable expertise in this breakthrough book, presenting key advice in 105 clear, short, easy-to-follow nuggets of wisdom that are pure gold for any leader striving for greater short term and long term success. This is the book you need to truly master mindful leadership and catapult yourself, your employees and everyone you come in contact with toward new and greater degrees of sustainable prosperity.”

  • Michael B. Davie, author, Winning Ways, and, Great Advice! Your 7 Keys to a Better Life

Available now at better bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon!

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(Advertisement from Manor House Publishing Inc.):

Awaken Your Sensual Goddess

Make Your Dreams Blossom

Dr. Rebecca Rosenblat


Awaken Your Sensual Goddess is geared towards awakening your inner goddess, so you can embrace your authentic self, feel empowered, fulfil your needs and desires, and connect with the sensuality that’s in your design… Clinical Sexologist and Media Personality, Dr. Rebecca Rosenblat-Billings will show you how to connect with the goddess mindset, love and accept yourself just as you are, and get rid of the mental static that holds you back. You’ll be transformed into the woman who knows her self-worth, who’ll never again put up with an unhealthy relationship, and who can bring her sexy on, to become the most enchanting lover, and live the life of her dreams, on her own terms! It’s the only book you’ll ever need, for learning to accept and love yourself. And if you want a partner, the only book that offers you step-by-step instruction in… everything…


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Nora’s Curse

A Novel

Marcus Starr

“A certain Bestseller filled with horror, violence, humor, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.” – I. Murderman, author, Creep

“Marcus Starr’s debut novel is a tour de force!  Full of interesting characters, delightfully unexpected songs, and a storyline that will keep you reading to find out what happens next.  I’m looking forward to reading more from this talented new author!”  Jordan Grupe, author, Beneath the Asylum

“Nora, a comely Canadian bartender plying her trade in Boston, is grappling with personal issues when a stalker-killer inflicts terror on the American city she’s come to love. As the killer draws ever closer, things take an unexpected turn for the worst when Nora is suddenly hit with a debilitating supernatural curse that gives new meaning to the old adage: Be careful what you wish for. Intriguing and thought-provoking, steeped in horror and humor, this is a truly captivating debut novel by Marcus Starr – and it’s a superb must-read.”    – Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man

Available now at online retailers and better bookstores everywhere!


From the blog

Rebecca Rosenblat

September 8, 2017

Rebecca Rosenblat, psychotherapist, relationship-sexuality therapist, bestselling author and TV host, asks: Are you in charge of your life and living out your dreams; or are you giving into others’ rules and expectations? Order from ROCKPORT

Nevin Grant

From a childhood spent moving back and forth between two worlds – Canada and Germany – Deppe became an early outsider-observer, a persona that first crystalized on entering the Canadian school system unable to speak…

Carolyn Schreuer

“When I started this journey I had no idea what I was about to face. It is my hope, if you find yourself faced with some daunting battle, that you too, will find your own…

Anita Sechesky, international best-selling author, Certified Life Coach, Registered Nurse and sought-after consultant, wants to help you become Absolutely YOU! Anita will guide you to overcome the self-imposed limitations that have held you back in life. Order from ROCKPORT