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New DICE album – Songs In The Key Of Drunk!

Legendary Celtic punk rockers LOADED DICE are back! Capping off a chaotic national tour before screaming fans at packed venues across the country, the       DICE headed for the calm of the studio. The result: One of the finest punk albums ever created, merging mainly studio tracks with a handful of killer live  performances. It’s Rockport Records recording artists LOADED DICE unleashed – with hard-drinking anthems, boozy ballads and, The Hammer, the band’s rough-edged tribute to their Hamilton hometown. Closing it all off is their less than subtle salute, Kiss My Ass – but that’s the DICE for you: rude, crude and in the mood for mayhem!

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Coven of the Soul Sisters  by Laverne Stewart


Best-selling author Laverne Stewart (Angels and the Afterlife; Healing After Homicide, Haunted Heart) taps into popular subject matter with Coven of the Soul Sisters. Her novel chronicles the plight of those accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death in 1690s New England. Then, this intriguing novel catapults forward into current times where reincarnated victims and persecutors of the past find themselves again grappling with religious beliefs and zealots determined to inflict suffering on non-believers – and despite the shift to modern time, witchcraft to some remains an unforgivable sin punishable by death.

 “While I read Coven of the Soul Sisters I thought ‘This book was almost a memory of sorts. This could have been one of my past lives.’   Laverne weaves a story that brings emotions to the surface and makes you feel that you are one of characters. You just need to keep reading to see what will happen next.”  – Patti LeBlanc Intuitive medium.

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