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New DICE album – Songs In The Key Of Drunk!

Legendary Celtic punk rockers LOADED DICE are back! Capping off a chaotic national tour before screaming fans at packed venues across the country, the       DICE headed for the calm of the studio. The result: One of the finest punk albums ever created, merging mainly studio tracks with a handful of killer live  performances. It’s Rockport Records recording artists LOADED DICE unleashed – with hard-drinking anthems, boozy ballads and, The Hammer, the band’s rough-edged tribute to their Hamilton hometown. Closing it all off is their less than subtle salute, Kiss My Ass – but that’s the DICE for you: rude, crude and in the mood for mayhem!

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Four Phases

Lost, Impermanence, Bittersweet, Caring

Dr. Ian Prattiso

“This book raises the fundamental issues of peace, climate change, Coronavirus pandemic, respect for nature, and the survival of our species deserves public attention. Ian Prattis, retired anthropology professor in Canada’s capital Ottawa, Guru in India, Zen teacher, Founder of Friends of Peace, and award winning author attempts just that. He does it by combining nonfiction with poetry (an innovation in itself), shows us how to set a moral example to our children, uses metaphors of kindness to make good things happen spontaneously…”  – Professor Koozma J. Tarasoff

“Ian Prattis’ new book FOUR PHASES: Lost, Impermanence, Bittersweet, Caring, explores planetary and environmental issues we have ignored, abused and disconnected with. It may be a soft voice in most parts, but it is incisive, a “scalpel of poetic musings” that probes the consequences of our actions towards nature, the planet, the responsibility of the legacy we are leaving behind for the next generations”              -Shobha Gallagher, Freelance Writer

New from Manor House

On sale now at bookstores and Amazon-online retailers everywhere!